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So you’re thinking about giving, and you’re wondering…

Why Beyond the Game?

(We're so glad you asked!)

You Share Beyond the Game’s Values

You believe, as we do, that every child deserves a future. Every last child. The world has made great progress for children. More children are alive and thriving today than ever before. But here's the problem. Vulnerable children in poverty. Denied an education. Forced to flee violence. Orphaned, abused, abandoned. Children with no reason to smile. No hope for the future. The world's children deserve better.
1 in 6 children worldwide isn’t in school, missing out on critical learning.
Every day, 16,000 children die before their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable causes.
Conflict is forcing 1 in 80 children to flee, risking everything just to survive.
Children at Risk

You Can Trust Our Commitment to Children

What makes Beyond The Game exceptional? We’re passionately committed to one goal: Giving all children the best chance for the future they deserve – a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Every day and in times of crisis. Whatever it takes. Don’t take our word for it… Charity watch groups give us top ratings for achieving incredible results for children – with proven efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Independent of any government or religious affiliations. But we can't do it without you!

You Know You're Making a Difference

Results are only possible because of giving people like you. Whether you give a little or a lot. Every gift makes a world of difference for a child in need. How will you know? We’ll prove it every day. We promise to keep you informed and inspired with regular updates, including real children's stories, real world results. You'll see your generosity in action. And more. Best of all, you'll see the smiles of children who have a better life and a brighter future. Because of you.