About Us

Beyond The Game was founded in 2009 when Founder Chanita Foster took a Vision Trip through an organization called Adventures in Missions. It was that trip that sparked the fuel to fire up and inspire Chanita to create Beyond The Game.

Our mission is to provide youth education parallel with athletics and encourage entrepreneurship with focus on philanthropy to live a well balanced life. Unlike most organizations working in and around Swaziland, BTG wanted to take a different approach of not only feeding the children, but providing education and entrepreneurship skills to excel in life!

Beyond the Game currently feeds close to 1000 children 365 days a year,  2 meals a day! Those meals are served through BTG’s (3) Care Points.


Big Bend Care Point

Headed by Vusi Nhelko

Each Care Point has at least (5) Make’s or GoGo’s that prepare and cook all meals which of whom are Widow or HIV Positive and do it as volunteers to help serve the children and the community.

In addition to (3) Care Points, BTG operates an Adult Education Center at the Big Bend Care Point. BTG Graduated its FIRST Adult Education Class in May 2012! This was a major accomplishment for the Big Bend area where majority of the adults can not read and write in their native language Siswati. The graduating class produced not only adults that were competent in Siswati, but also able to read and write in English.

One of the major accomplishments of Beyond The Game is opening a SCHOOL! Founder Chanita Foster often starts conversations about BTG by saying “I’m NOT Oprah, but I OPENED a School in Africa”. Our school caters to 75 young learners in a Early Childhood Program. Unlike America, Swaziland lacks the element of Pre Schools, Kindergarten, etc  so children often fail once enrolled at what is called school age. BTG created programs that challenge young students to learn to read and write earlier than required by country standards in addition to working with children at the age when studies show the brain in registering and memorizing at a excelled rate. BTG graduated its FIRST Class of the BTG School in December of 2012.



Thulwane (Smiley) Care Point

Headed by Make Ndwandwe














Founder – Chanita Foster

Chanita Foster is a native of Detroit/Oak Park, Michigan. A firm believer in education she owns degrees in Communications, Sports Marketing, and Photography. She also has a heart for a number of causes, mainly the orphans and widows of Swaziland, Africa, for whom she founded the Beyond The Game Foundation. In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, she is also a passionate entrepreneur. She is the owner of Urban Christian Rock Star Properties, RockStar Brand and Divas And Cowboys. New to Network Marketing and titled the Rookie of the Year, Chanita earned $250K in under a year with Total Life Changes. The energetic mother of six children, 2 in which she adopted, is a known Horse Lover! Not only does she own and rides Horses but she also is the owner of seven animals. Did we mention she is an athlete! When she is not busy with any of her various projects and businesses, she loves to take part in a local competitive volleyball league, a sport for which she is still in the record books at Chicago State University.

Displaying a huge heart for mankind has long been the norm for Chanita Foster. The past twelve months hasn’t been any different. Her love for the people of Swaziland Africa was sparked back in late 2008 and has continued into the present. Her Beyond the Game Foundation has been active in raising funds to benefit the widows and orphans of Swaziland. Unlike some organizations, Chanita and her family have been hands on in their serving. Whether it has been feeding the people, visiting individual homes, or even putting on Christmas parties for the orphans, she has touched every project in Africa during multiple trips to the country every year. Beyond The Game Currently feeds close to 1000 children a day, 2 meals a day, has built an 2 orphanages (Angel Houses) with the assistance of Monyetta Shaw and Stormy Wellington, has 3 Care Points and a lower level school which will host its 6th graduation class December 2016. Recently, BTG started the digging for the Second of 3 water wells to provide water at each of the Care Points funded by the revenue Chanita made with TLC.

Mrs. Foster’s charitable endeavors not only reach abroad, they have a foothold here on the homeland as well. She was recognized in the 2014 Edition of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta for her service in the Atlanta Community. In the past, she participated with the United Way and the St. Bernard Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana, delivering over 1 million dollars worth of still needed supplies and building homes in areas still affected by hurricane Katrina. Her passion to implement change has lead her to serve on many boards including previously serving on the board of Off The Field; the NFL players wives association. Her love of Philanthropy has her involved with charities such as B.E.S.T Homes, Autism Speaks, Hip Hop 4 Cancer, Black Celebrity Giving Soul Sundays, Breast Cancer Awareness and Women with No Excuses to Change the World to name a few. She has been instrumental in starting numerous Non For Profit organizations along with serving as Executive Director or Board Member. Currently she is the Director of Kandi Cares founded by Kandi Burruss. Her current mission to help 1000 Families earn 6 figures with the SkinnTea Movement with Stormy Wellington has her a fixture on social media and speaking nationally.






Swazi Words:

Make- pronounced (ma.gg.ie) is defined as a mother figure

Gogo- pronounced (Go-Go) is defined as a grandmother

CarePoint is defined as a safe place where adults can be found and free food