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Meet Michelle Falconer

My trip to Swaziland Inspired to donate to Beyond the Game after meeting Chanita Foster through Instagram. She invited me to come and see first hand the work being done. Six days later my 11 year old daughter and I met Chanita ...


Beauty Beyond Borders

LAUNCHING OF ‘BEAUTY BEYOND BORDERS’ Salon Pennae is pleased to announce the partnership with Derek J. of “The Fashion Queens” and The J Spot in collaboration with ‘Beyond the Game’ to create ‘Beauty Beyond Border...


Karaoke For A Cause

We had a wonderful time.  Check out the images from the event.


Boys To Men

It is always amazing to see a boy develop into a MAN.  So it is no different in Swaziland.  Although often times it seems that we are focusing on the girls collecting bras, purses, and dresses, we wanted to let you know that ...

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Karaoke For A Cause

Its that time again! Get ready to have fun, sing some songs, and raise awareness about Swaziland with our event Karaoke For a Cause. This fun filled event will be hosted by our very own BTG Girl Kahdijiha Rowe of the STYLE Netw...


Majabane “JAX” Foster

Majabane Jax Foster is a native of Swaziland, Africa. He was born and raised in Nsoko area, a very remote place on the southern part of the Kingdom, where the summers are humidly hot. Growing up so independent taught him to app...