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Posted November 4, 2012 by admin in General
BORN DAY TRIP-Birthday Donation
As Director of BTG and the vision of the foundation being birthed on my birthday, how fitting is it that I RETURN for the biggest BORN DAY Party ever!
Through conversations with my adopted son from Swaziland, I was informed that many children DO NOT KNOW their birthday! No parties or balloons… No Cake or what we say in America Turn up! Lol Well I want to change that!
Myself and a team will travel to Swaziland on Nov 6-17 and not only have a party, but with your donations complete an Angel house!
Please click the link and DONATE!

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    Roxanne McIver

    Happy BornDay Chanita! Best of luck with the completion of the Angel House and the BIG Birthday Celebration for the children! Be safe, have fun and TURN UP!!! :)

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