Boys To Men

Posted May 13, 2013 by admin in General

It is always amazing to see a boy develop into a MAN.  So it is no different in Swaziland.  Although often times it seems that we are focusing on the girls collecting bras, purses, and dresses, we wanted to let you know that our young men are not forgotten.  Every once in a while BTG will receive a necktie or two amongst donated clothes. Well after months of collecting, we finally received enough ties to pass out to all the young men at the Smiley Care Point! These boys with Swag (yes I used the word Swag! Lol) couldn’t help but to smile as they assisted each other in attempting to tie a tie. For some it was their very FIRST TIME ever tying a TIE. The funny thing about it all is, if you take a close look that the picture, NO ONE HAD A COLLARED SHIRT! Guess what?  It didn’t matter at all. Now tradition says that they were to young to receive such a great gift with was told to me by MUSA, but I say through your donations you just helped our BTG young men change right before our eyes from Boys To Men! Thank You for your donations.


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