BTG School


When I first traveled to Swaziland I saw so much that I want to fix. So many things that I felt upset about.

Education is something that NOBODY can take from you. I have been blessed to obtain multiple degrees. I’ve even been more blessed that I have been able to educate myself on all of my passions like writing, photography, and sports marketing. We spend a great amount of money in America to educate our children, but in Swaziland everyone can’t go to school for free. For majority of families with multiple children, it is highly unlikely that they will not have the opportunity to go to school.

With that said, Beyond the Game’s mission to build a school has been completed. Unlike most who take on this heavy task, we don’t want to take away TRADITION from the children. We want them to be educated and pour back into their village and communities. You have to understand that things we see as a NEED, the Swazi children don’t. Our focus is on their education and teaching them how to be entrepreneurs.

Beyond The game is SO Excited about our two schools that have been completed in Swaziland. The Hugging Baby School houses 95 nursery to pre kindergarten students. These students are getting a major jump-start on education. Our second school will house students kindergarten to the equivalent of a third grader. Those students recently painted the classrooms to prepare for the opening of that school in January.

What are you leaving your family? Your children? Here is the opportunity to leave a LEGACY! Please donate to help make our vision a reality! Please help us give the gift of education!