A "Period is not a Punishment"

A PERIOD IS NOT A PUNISHMENT was started and funded once we found that girls drop out of school or get kicked out of school for missing so many days due to their period! Many of these young girls have to choose between purchasing food or Sanitary Wear. Other lack the access to Sanitary Napkins due to living in rural areas. Beyond the Game has been committed to supplying at least 100 Girls a Month with Sanitary Napkins. With your $5 donation, that money Effectively allows a girl to continue School, Church, and play with Friends.
Please consider making a $5 Donation today or support a Girl Monthly at $5

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I just give the pads to your organization?

    As much as we would love to have them, the cost of flying them and customs is expensive. Imagined we had 100 Packs, we would have to pay for the bags on the flight. Once we land we would have to pay customs for them to enter certain countries. So it easier for us to purchase in country

  • Can I just ship the Sanitary Napkins?

    Unfortunately the cost to ship to the Continent of Africa is expensive and you would have to pay for customs. Most of our Care Points are in Rural areas so there is no postal service. Someone would have to go to the closest town to pick them up if they reached that far

  • Can we just buy the Diva reusable Cup or Tampons?

    Cultures are different. The thought of collecting blood is not a good idea for some. In addition there is not a place to dispose of the blood such as a flushing toilet in some areas. In addition some cultures don't believe in inserting into the private areas for young girls hence not being able to use tampons

  • Are the Sanitary Napkins you purchase all Natural?

    We do the best we can to purchase what's available in the Country. We are working hard for Solutions that we best fit the environmental needs as well as the healthiest option for our Girls

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