Donate Water (Well Challenge)

Posted January 8, 2013 by admin in Video

Whenever you get thirsty you get a drink right? Most of use use bottle water that we purchase. Others have at this point attached a filter to our home sink or have a fancy refrigerator that pours out fresh, cold, filter water!

waterBTGThis isn’t the case in the majority of villages in Swaziland. While we are able to supply meals twice a day at our CarePoint, we lack FRESH, CLEAN, WATER! Some of our GoGo have to walk over a mile to a dirty creek to get water. They must then walk back. Before they can take a drink, they must boil the water to make sure it’s clean and then WAIT for it to cool off before they can drink! Sounds like a lot for just a drink of water!

BTG would like to put a WELL at each of our CarePoints. What this will provided is not only CLEAN water for the CarePoint, but CLEAN WATER for the community!waterBTG2

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