Make a $5 Donation

As the saying goes, "Many drops of water make a mighty ocean".
Do you want make a great change? Start with
a small seed. Make a $5 donation and
you will be surprised by what it can do!

Make a One time $30 donation

There's no better feeling than having dinner
around the table with family. So make a
$30 Donation and help grant the under-privileged this

Sponsor a Graduate

Help the dreams of the youth come true
by contributing to the future of the young under-priviledged
but energetic and highly motivated with a desire
to change the world around them.

Make an Undefined Donation

Helping out people in need is a pure art which comes from
the depth of the human soul, the amount doesn't matter just
the giving heart willing to help a brother out.
So donate any amount today.

Donate to the $100 Water Legacy Seed

Every seed eventually grows into a tree.
Sow $100 and watch it grow into a tree of provision.

Donate to the Monthly Child Sponsor

Be the reason why a child grows up happy and healthy.

Sponsor the Young Engineers' Program

Donate $100 to enroll a child in the Young Engineers' Program