Feed A Child

dsc_0285Beyond The Game like most organizations have developed a way to feed the children of Swaziland which is through “Care Points”. A Care Point is a structure (Some with a kitchen on the inside) that provided TWO meals a day to the children. This food is possible through the sponsorship dollars provided by people like you.


The staple diet of Swaziland is maize, or mealie meal (pap), and is consumed widely with beef, goat or mutton. In times of drought, dairy products are normally reserved for children. As you can tell, their meals are pretty simple so even a small donation can help feed a child. Swazi kids eat for survival. Any donation amount is appreciated and will go far to feed a child. BTG is proud to announce we have built new care points in Swaziland in various locations with the help of ZZYZX Films, The Jason Terry Foundation, and the Batch Foundation.