Majabane “JAX” Foster

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DSC_0239Majabane Jax Foster is a native of Swaziland, Africa. He was born and raised in Nsoko area, a very remote place on the southern part of the Kingdom, where the summers are humidly hot.

Growing up so independent taught him to appreciate, care, and love everyone he meets. His passion and love for kids developed when he first served with Adventures In Missions in Nsoko under the leadership and mentoring of the then project director pastor Gift Dlamini.

Learning from his past experiences when he grew up, Majabane believes that every kid deserves and needs to be shown and given love as early as possible as this creates a good character and and raise a good person.

Jax loves sports and soccer is his favorite. He believes that if he didn’t have any disability (he is physically handicap)  he would have become a  professional soccer.
Majabane believes that the Swaziland’s HIV/AIDS epidemic rate can be helped alleviated if everybody can come up together and hold hands and bring awareness to the teenagers mostly in the rural areas so that they grow up knowing about it and how to take care of themselves.
DSC_0190He believes in the saying that ,” the earlier the better”. He thinks that the kids are the future generation that will change the country. This can be made possible if the kids are given good eduction and health.

Jax is a music person. He sings along every song her hears. On his own time he listens to music or goes out to play soccer with friends. Jax currently works for BTG at the BTG School. He is the leader of the Sports Program and LOVED by all the children that play there.

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