Donate to Gogo Flora GrandChildren

It’s with Great Sadness we announce the passing of Gogo Flora.
Gogo Flora has been apart of the Beyond The Game family for 15years. Over that period BeyondTheGame supplied food to her every month to her and her grandchildren shown below. With over 10 grandchildren their parents either passed from HIV or had traveled a distance for work leaving them in the care of Gogo Flora who is a Widow with no income. Upon meeting Founder Dr Chanita Foster, Gogo told the story of waking up in the middle of the night to count the children because they would often run off to find food. With that story, Dr Foster and BeyondTheGame made the commitment. With her passing BeyondTheGame would like to continue providing for those grandchildren. Please Sponsor a Child for $30 a month reoccurring to assist with the efforts.
Gogo Flora will be Missed.

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