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Known to most as a rebel with a cause, Rayne is known as the Punky Brewster of her time. When she’s not perfecting her musical talents or developing her acting skills, you can usually catch Rayne trying to figure out another way to save the world.

With a big heart and a desire to serve, Rayne decided to take an alternative approach to giving back after taking a trip to Honduras that was life altering. In an effort to live a purpose driven life, Rayne called in and listened to a Wake Up & Win call that was hosted by Beyond The Game founder and Total Life Changes Regional Director, Chanita Foster.  After reaching out and eventually becoming Chanita Foster’s protégé, Rayne joined Total Life Changes and the company eventually led Rayne to her first trip to Africa.

Not knowing what to expect, Rayne landed in South Africa hoping to help change lives. She experienced a true emotional rollercoaster as the team traveled the long, dusty roads of Swaziland. There were huts with no electricity or running water; small children walking down the road with no parental guidance; and clothes hanging on trees to dry. Traveling from different care points and meeting different groups of children, it was a tearful sight to witness children smile and jump for joy over simple things such as hotdogs, apples, and blankets. Some of the children didn’t know their own birthday or had never slept on an actual bed.

DSC_0761Considering the Swazi lifestyle in comparison to life in the USA, Rayne definitely plans to continue going Beyond The Game and getting more people to join her. We don’t choose the life that people are born into, but we can choose how we decide to impact the lives of the people we come in contact with. In this case, Rayne chooses to be the change she wants to see in this world and go Beyond The Game.DSC_0821


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