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My name is Gloria Hankerson and I am beyond the game. When I purchased my ticket I couldn’t of been more excited about a trip. To go once again on a special voyage with other women to do something bigger then our selves was truly remarkable yet it brought nervousness at the same time. I hadn’t been to South Africa, this was going to be my first time even though many people including my husband had went and had nothing but great things to say and even though deep down I knew it would be ok it still was the unknown for me. So I go, and upon our arrival the vibe from the very beginning of our flight touching down was one that a very enchanted trip came of.

gh6We exchanged our money and bought global phones to ensure communication back home. And like all great trips a few bumps in the road occurred such as our driver being somewhat late and he received a boot that cost Chanita $300 Ram to have removed. But like the trooper she is she paid and kept us moving. Our night in Jo-Burg was comfy, quick and intriguing. Once the next day came and the other ladies arrived our excitement was all on one accord but our transportation situation called for one more night in Jo-Burg. To be honest I don’t think anyone had a problem with it.

5 are and were off to a 3-4 hour drive to Swaziland. We witness beautiful landscape of mountains in the back-grounds, shanty’s that we have seen in many appartide remake movies that are now newly built homes, people walking on the highway and the sun rising in the east. At some point we reach the borders of Swaziland and upon passport inspections we enter into the “heat land Swaziland”, which is a beautiful sight filled with mountains that former kings now rest at peace with kisses from the clouds. The vibe and connection to the Motherland is real and revealed.


When we finally got to go to the care points and interact with the children, the Go-Go’s (elderly women of that homestead) it was touching and very familiar. They felt like long distance cousins that didn’t know we existed yet cared? To give out care packages, food, clothes, shoes, back packs, toys and hugs was humbling and emotional at times. We had our work ahead of us and the struggle would be very real. Nothing was candy coated, polished or made to look fluffy or glossy. It was the way that it was raw and un-cut and regardless of their living conditions they were grateful, respectful and thankful.

At the end of the day I got to meet some really remarkable and resilient people made up of beautiful children and warm elders who should us their culture and welcomed us into their daily lives. I know for a fact that without the help, aid and care of Chanita Foster more lives would be lost, more children and women would be cold and extremely hungry. My trip to Africa inspired me to want to do more by any means necessary that will help in sustaining each village based on their individual needs. Please join me in that fight.



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