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My Trip to Swaziland

On any given day in my hometown of Atlanta GA, I might be producing a music video for a chart topping artist or working on a high profile project. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my career but  I have been craving to do something more rewarding with my craft for years now.  So when I got the call from Chanita Foster to go over to Africa and help document the beautiful work that she was doing in Swaziland, I said “When do we leave?” That was over a year ago, and  now two trips later I can honestly say that my travels to Swaziland have been the most rewarding and life changing experiences of my entire life. For me, Beyond the Game represents the best of what charitable organizations should embody.

Where do I begin? I traveled miles down dirt roads to see huts with no running water or electricity. But then I witnessed many of the 1000 children that the organization helps everyday walk miles from these very same huts to get to the BTG carepoints where they are fed. I was astounded as I stood side by side with the founder Chanita Foster who actually knows hundreds of these children by name. But what was most powerful to me was to witness those same children attending the BTG School and then the graduation of the first pre-school class.  All I could think to myself was…this goes past a “hand-out”, this offers hope and a change in a way of life for many of these children and families. Through literacy so much of the cycle of poverty can change there.

My two trips to Swaziland were roughly a year apart and the progress that was made in that time was inspiring to me.  During my last trip in November, we completed the first “Angel House” which now houses 8 orphans. These mini milestones are a testimony to a heartfelt vision which began in 2009 by Chanita Foster which now lives on in the hearts of every single person who makes a contribution to ensure that Beyond the Game will continue to change lives for many years to come.  I am grateful to be a part of something so rewarding.

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