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Posted December 10, 2013 by admin in General

My trip to Swaziland

Inspired to donate to Beyond the Game after meeting Chanita Foster through Instagram. She invited me to come and see first hand the work being done. Six days later my 11 year old daughter and I met Chanita and her friends in Johannesburg, South Africa with six big bags of shoes and t-shirts for the children. We drove four hours to Swaziland where I could see the change in my daughter’s demeanor. Once we arrived to see the children walking around with no shoes and missing clothes it was hard not to feel anything but compassion for their struggle. They were beyond the moon excited to see Chanita and her new friends. After only three days there I can attest that “Beyond the Game” matters to hundreds of children and WITHOUT the food, clothing, & education provided by Chanita and her team more than half of these children wouldn’t make it through the winter.  I will forever be grateful for meeting Chanita and for the LIFE-CHANGING experience my daughter was able to absorb. Performing REAL life community service by pouring the children porridge and painting a Care point center has inspired her to adopt two children out of her own allowance. For $2.00 a day she can feed two children twice a day. She came home wanting to do more and get her friends, school, neighbors and community involved in helping these children. One person really can make a difference by going BEYOND THE GAME!!!


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