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American Celebrity couple falls in love with the country
Jan 16,2012 00:00 by STHEMBILE HLATSHWAYO

MBABANE – American celebrity couple George and Chanita Foster were in the country to check on their project, Beyond the Game, which is responsible for feeding over 1 000 orphaned and vulnerable children in the country.

Beyond the Game is a non-profit making organisation that has been established by women with the sole purpose of changing the world to a better place.

The organisation fell in love with the country and supports OVC, providing them with food on a monthly basis at the various Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) which they constructed themselves in Big Bend in the Lubombo region, Thulwane, Timbutini and Mafutseni all under the Manzini region.

George, a football player who plays for the National Football League and wife Chanita who is a TV presenter for the show ‘Football Wives’ on VHI television channel said they were inspired by their love for the country. She said she had followed her destiny as prayer directed her to come and help the country. Chanita said they started a prayer club and as they were praying God spoke to her saying she should assist the underprivileged. “Friends of ours George and Meg Williams had visited Swaziland before and told us about how wonderful the Swazi people were. This is when we made up our minds to come and help this wonderful country in 2009,” she said.

Since then the couple has never looked back and constantly come to the country every two months to monitor the project.

Chanita says nothing can stop them from coming to the country. She said they had to live their own children to serve their mission in Swaziland. The couple has five children. Beyond the Game has assisted in the construction of NCPs, feeding and educating OVC and also providing adult literacy. She said the organisation together with Joy Medium School also sponsor education for some of the OVC.

In Swaziland the organisation is coordinated by Musa Ndzinisa in ensuring that operations run smoothly.

…couple intends adopting Swazi child

MBABANE – The American celebrity couple want to adopt a child in the country.

Chanita said she loves the country so much that she wants to be attached. She said when adoption opened in the country; they would love to adopt a Swazi child whom they will take with them to America. However, she said the child would constantly visit the country and therefore will surely not forget his or her roots. Chanita expressed her love for the Swazi culture, stating that obviously Swaziland and America had some things that they could offer each other.

She said Swazis always stick to their tradition, which also assists in keeping family together. “In America, the family ties are broken easily,” she noted. She made an example that she did not have any extended family but it was only her and her husband and children. Furthermore, she said in the future they were looking at focusing on an HIV and AIDS awareness programme, especially because they had realised that HIV was threatening to wipe out the Swazi nation. “We want to educate more on how HIV could be prevented,” she said.
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I’ve encountered many different types of women during my many travels over the years. All shapes, sizes, ethnicities, among other things.

It’s the day and age where women are seen as sex objects and gold diggers. Where many reality television shows only show cat fights and shallow relationships mixed with shopping and infidelity. We’ve become so numb to the sight of negativity and selfishness that we watch many of these shows religiously just to see the drama. It’s been very challenging to believe there are many hardworking, down-to-earth, compassionate, un-scorned women out there……. until now.

I was privileged with the opportunity to encounter a group of selfless, hardworking, & faith-driven, women recently. They are entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, girlfriends, and philanthropists that have dedicated themselves to making a change.

Instead of shopping for the newest handbag of choice & the trendiest couture they have engulfed themselves into the waters of change. While many of their significant others are seen as the bread winners, they have decided to turn that perception upside down. They’re the ones networking with Fortune 500 corporations and sitting in meetings with CEO’s to garner support in their efforts for change.

I recently was contacted by a long time friend and fellow Minnesotan, @B_Luxurious regarding me performing at their benefit event and I was honored to oblige. Showing how God works, I was able to meet many of the wonderful women involved when I attended the son of Q from 112’s birthday extravaganza, (he’s a good friend).

I was so taken aback by the strength and poise of the women involved. Especially the amazing woman and driving force behind it all @ChanitaFoster . It is so motivating when a man striving for greatness encounters a Powerful Woman.

These woman are the building blocks for the future. They are the one’s our sisters and daughters should strive to be like. They are the blueprint for our women of the future.

Special thanks to @Sleevejewelry, @NicciGilbert, @IAMSalonPennae & the many other Women With NO Excuses!!! You are all role models for countless young girls to look up to…