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BTG is honored to have Mark Jacobs an amazing Film Director sit on the Board of Beyond The Game. Through his travel to Swaziland and his commitment to BTG, Mark is currently filming and Directing a Documentary about BTG and the work in Swaziland.

Biography: Mark S. Jacobs 

3-300x200Mark Jacobs has been documenting and sharing compelling stories in broadcast television and film for more than 30 years; having spent the majority of his life as a television journalist. His visually stunning and emotionally honest style has elevated projects for major television networks and motion picture corporations while being recognized by his peers with more than fifty awards. Anyone bravely struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, racism and other life challenges have always moved Mark. Each television series, documentary or narrative film that is connected to the human spirit attracts Mark. The sheer opportunity to emotionally move audiences to look in a mirror and ask, “what can I do to help or make a change” is gratifying enough for Mark.
In January 2008 Mark opened Zzyzx Films, a documentary house that has since gained notice for its ethically driven substance and advocacy. Zzyzx Films prides itself on celebrating storytellers who deliver awareness through aspirational branded productions. Inspirational stories connected to extreme sports athletes, celebrities, public figures and simply those that make a difference by finding a need and delivering the answer to that need. Long gone are the stories about the issue. Zzyzx Films is about delivering stories about those that are doing the “work” to make a change. “Jesse’s Story,” ZZYZX’s first feature documentary, captures the spirit of a promising young surfer as he overcomes a career-ending spinal cord injury to lead and inspire others. Among other honors, “Jesse’s Story” garnered both the Jury and Audience Prizes for Best Documentary at the Malibu and San Diego Film Festivals.

Among Jacobs’ recent directorial successes are The Glee Project (NBC/Oxygen), Kitchen Nightmares (Fox), The OCD Project (VH1), Football Wives (VH1), Biggest Loser: Special Edition (NBC), Rob and Big (MTV), Beverly Hills 90210 (CW), Rachel Ray Show (Kingworld), Obsessed (A&E), The Two Corey’s (A&E), Supergroup (Vh1), Beauty and the Geek (CW), Adventures in Hollyhood (Vh1), The Gift (NBC), Breaking Bonaduce (VH1), Is She Really Going Out with Him (MTV), Life Lessons (Fox), and more.

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