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Results are only possible because of givers like you.

Whether you give a little or a lot, every gift makes a world of difference for a child in need. How will you know? We’ll prove it every day. We promise to keep you informed and inspired with regular updates, including real children's stories , real world results. You'll see your generosity in action and more.

Best of all, you'll see the smiles of children who have a better life and a brighter future because of you.

Scenes from Our Life Changing Adventures.

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Our Causes

Fundraising event ideas have become a staple in many organizations as a way to help with fundraising event planning, entertaining and engaging your donors.

A Period is not a Punishment

With all beautiful things come pain and discomfort. Help a young lady get through her journey as joyfully as possible.

$100 Water Legacy Seed

Every seed eventually grows into a tree. Sow $100 and watch it grow into a tree of provision.

Donate to Gogo Flora GrandChildren

it’s with Great Sadness we announce the passing of Gogo Flora. Gogo Flora has been apart of the Beyond The Game family for 15years. Please Sponsor a Child for $30 a month reoccurring to assist with the efforts.

Monthly Child Sponsor

Be the reason why a child grows up happy and healthy.

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Want to stand with us in our fight to help the the less fortunate?

Board Members

These are some of the people pushing on and making impact with Beyond The Game across the continent.

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